Building a visual identity and website


6 Weeks
January - March 2019

Project type

Client project

My role

UX Design, and Art Direction


Adobe Suite,
InVision Studio


UX Concept, UX Design and Art Direction


wireframe concept, visual design
and media content

Gishfang is an urban
music production team

01 Overview

Gishfang needed a brand identity as well as an exciting online presence for their revolutionary sound design. I created their visual identity and following up their webpage. Based on their star sign Pisces, the principal characteristic is the metaphor of water, which was integrated as a guidance for the user to flow through the website.


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gishfang laptop mockups

That new brand smell

Building a visual identity

02 Visual identity

We started out laying the foundations of Gishfang's brand by defining their core brand values. These values should be reflected in their visual identity. Subtle colors and a clean typeface to communicate quality and professionalism, combined with an energetic highlight color to keep it unique.


We deliver qualitative results. Our technical and commercial expertise enables lasting success.


We refuse to settle. We are continuously innovating, improving and moving forward.


We don't simply follow. We create unique sound designs paired with well-balanced love for detail.

gishfang website styles
gishfang website styles

Starting the journey

Building the user experience

03 User Experience

After a few days of workshops, I focused on the creation of a simple, but comprehensive website user experience for a set of potential visitors ranging from beat buying customers to artists and labels to collaborate with. Through card sorting with the client, we defined the information architecture for the website. After scribbling out ideas and rapidly reviewing them together, the first set of digital wireframes was created.

website information architecture
website information architecture

Website information architecture

Introduction page wireframe

Introduction page wireframe

Beat shop and license details page wireframe

Beat shop and license details page wireframe

Provided services wireframe

Provided services wireframe

Let's put it together

Creating the visual design

04 Design

With the brand identity and wireframes at hand, the visual design of the website came together pretty naturally. The final online presence is a qualitative differentiation from other music production competitors and resulted in an engaging and business goal fulfilling website. Following some selected visuals of the project in no particular order.


Always on the go

Adapting to mobile

05 Mobile

Everything behaves a bit differently on mobile. For touch-based devices, we crafted custom solutions to ensure the same experience you would get on the desktop. More than ever, the content we build needs to be easy to use on the go.

Introduction page

Introduction page

Page categories

Subpage categories

License details

License details

Music discography

Discography cover flow

Music Services

Services page

Mobile menu

Mobile menu

Music Services

Services page

Mobile contact form

Contact form

The social side of life

Media content creation

06 Art direction

As Gishfang wanted to increase their social exposure, I took care of their art direction for quite some time. During this period I created various album covers, beat videos and social media content. Their goal was to create visual content which is very artistic and even a bit psychedelic, to stand out of the mass and catch the attention of the social media browsing users.

cover art
cover art
cover art
cover art

"Working with Joe has been invaluable to the progression of our brand. The design guidance he has provided exceeded our expectations and gives us an impressive visual identity that we are proud to uphold."

Markus Bermann Profile

Markus Bermann

Co-founder Gishfang

Know your process

Adjust it right

07 Lessons learned

Clients want quick results and sometimes you have to deal with shortly measured timeframes. Knowing and deciding which process works best to achieve the client desired goal saves a lot of work, time and money.

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